Love is in the air!

From a feminine perspective

Pride and Prejudice.jpg
Pride & Prejudice
Jane Austen (YA AUSTEN)
“She’s tolerable, I suppose, but not handsome enough to tempt me.” Famous last words! (Grade 6+)
Judy Blume (YA BLUME)
This is a very honest first-love story that will make you blush and break your heart a little bit too. (Grade 9+)
The Selection [Trilogy]
Kiera Cass (YA CASS)
Sixteen-year-old America Singer is living in the caste-divided nation of Illea, and is about to be chosen to compete in the Selection--a contest to see which girl can win the heart of Illea's prince--but all she really wants is a future with her secret love, Aspen. (Grade 8+)
Whatever Happened to Goodbye.jpg
What Happened to Goodbye
Sarah Dessen (YA DESSEN)
After her parents’ bitter divorce, Mclean and her father move continually. She finds it increasingly difficult to find where she belongs and know who she is at each new school she attends. (Grade 7+)
The Jewel.jpg
The Jewel [Trilogy]
Amy Ewing (YA EWING)
Lone City Trilogy. Violet hails from the poor section of the city called the Marsh. Women from the wealthy section (named the Jewel) can’t have healthy babies, so every year they purchase girls from the Marsh to be surrogates. Violet is one such girl. (Grade 9+)
my life next door.JPG
My Life Next Door
Huntley Fitzpatrick (YA FITZPATRICK)
When Samantha, the daughter of a Republican state senator, falls in love with the boy next door, whose family is large, boisterous, and just making ends meet, she discovers a different way to live. When her mother is involved in a hit-and-run accident, Sam must make some difficult choices. (Grade 9+)
just one day.jpg
Just One Day
Gayle Forman (YA FORMAN)
A life upended in one day turns into a year of self-discovery as sheltered good girl Allyson embarks on a journey to break free from a lifetime of limits to find her true passions, and maybe even a true love. (Grade 9+)
the princess bride.jpg
The Princess Bride
William Goldman (YA GOLDMAN)
Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. All for Buttercup. (Grade 6+)
The Fault In Our Stars.jpg
The Fault in Our Stars
John Green (YA GREEN)
As Hazel Grace, the main character would say, “It’s not a cancer book because cancer books suck.” Think of it more as an epic love story with tragic results. (Grade 9+)
To All The Boys Ive Loved Before.JPG
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before
Jenny Han (YA HAN)
Lara Jean writes love letters to all the boys she has loved and then hides them in a hatbox until one day those letters are accidentally sent. (Grade 7-10)
finding audrey.jpg
Finding Audrey
Sophie Kinsella (YA KINSELLA)
14-year-old Audrey is making slow but steady progress dealing with her anxiety disorder when Linus comes into the picture and recovery gains momentum. (Grade 7+)
Every Day.jpg
Every Day [Has a Sequel]
David Levithan (YA LEVITHAN)
Every morning, A wakes in a different person's body, in a different person's life, learning over the years to never get attached. Then A wakes up in the body of Justin and falls in love with Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon. (Grade 9+)
When We Collided.jpg
When We Collided
Emery Lord (YA LORD)
Can Jonah save the family restaurant, his mom from her depression and his thrill-seeking girlfriend Vivi from her self? (Grade 8+)
Holding Up The Universe.jpg
Holding Up the Universe
Jennifer Niven (YA NIVEN)
Two teens, one with weight struggles, and the other with face blindness, fall in love. (Grade 9+)
anna and the french kiss.jpg
Anna & the French Kiss [Has Companion Novels]
Stephanie Perkins (YA PERKINS)
Anna’s not too happy about being sent to boarding school in Paris, but after she arrives, things start to get better. Much better! (Grade 9+)
Eleanor and Park.JPG
Eleanor and Park
Rainbow Rowell (YA ROWELL)
Eleanor and Park are both misfits in their high school in 1980s Nebraska. Chemistry pops when they meet on the school bus...but young love never lasts, does it? (Grade 9+)
If I Was Your Girl.jpg
If I Was Your Girl
Meredith Russo (YA RUSSO)
Amanda, the new girl in school, is keeping a big secret. When she falls for Grant, she yearns to share everything with him, including her previous life as Andrew. (Grade 9+)
i heart you you haunt me.jpg
I Heart You, You Haunt Me
Lisa Schroeder (YA SCHROEDER)
Ava can't see or touch him, unless she's dreaming. Most would think she's crazy, but she knows he's here. Jackson. The boy Ava thought she'd spend the rest of her life with. He's back from the dead, as proof that love truly knows no bounds. (Grades 7-10)
Stranger the Dreamer.jpg
Strange the Dreamer
Laini Taylor (YA TAYLOR)
Lazlo Strange, war orphan and junior librarian, seeks answers to his dream of the blue-skinned goddess in the City of Weep. (Grade 9+)
Wendelin Van Draanen (YA VAN DRAANEN)
The first time Juli saw Bryce, she flipped. The first time Bryce saw Juli, he ran. This is their pattern until eighth grade when something starts to change. (Grades 6-9)
Paper Princess.jpg
Paper Princess [Series]
Erin Watt (YA WATT)
The Royal series. After her mother dies, Callum Royal plucks Ella out of poverty and puts her in his fancy mansion among his five sons who hate her. Ella must learn to navigate her new life of wealth and treachery. (Grade 10+)
Love and Gelato.jpg
Love and Gelato
Jenna Evans Welch (YA WELCH)
After her mother’s death, Lina travels to Italy where she comes across her mother’s journal and she sets off to unearth her mother’s secrets. (Grade 7+)

From a masculine perspective

Future of Us.jpg
The Future of Us
Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler (YA ASHER)
It's 1996, and Emma has her first computer. Josh is her best friend. They power up and log on--and discover themselves on Facebook, 15 years in the future. (Grade 8+)
The boy most likely to.jpg
The Boy Most Likely To
Huntley Fitzpatrick (YA FITZPATRICK)
When Tim starts to fall for Alice, he thinks he is finally on the right track, until his past addictions start to catch up with him. (Grade 9+)
will grayson, will grayson.jpg
Will Grayson, Will Grayson [Has a Companion Novel]
John Green & David Levithan (YA GREEN)
One cold night, in a most unlikely corner of Chicago, two Will Graysons cross paths. Add the history’s most fabulous musical and you’re in for a show-stopping story. (Grade 9+)
an abundance of katherines.jpg
An Abundance of Katherines
John Green (YA GREEN)
Having been recently dumped for the nineteenth time by a girl named Katherine, Colin sets off on a road trip to find new direction in life while also trying to create a mathematical formula to explain his relationships. (Grade 9+)
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.jpg
Artistotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
Benjamin Alire Saenz (YA SAENZ)
From the moment they meet in their Texas hometown at the age of 15, Ari and Dante are inseparable. Dante is in love with Ari...but the other isn’t so sure… (Grade 9+)
The Beginning of Everything.JPG
The Beginning of Everything
Robyn Schneider (YA SCHNEIDER)
Ezra’s theory is that everyone has to get slammed with an earth-shattering tragedy once in life. His comes when an accident shatters his leg and destroys his promising tennis future. Enter a new love interest to help him move on! (Grade 9+)