We LOVE our Volunteers!

Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner & Fun

 Nearly 100 volunteers were welcomed by staff at the annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner & Fun this spring. This event is a formal thank you to our fabulous, dedicated, lovely volunteers. The theme was Garden Party and volunteers enjoyed a delicious dinner amongst lovely flowers and trees. Volunteers were recognized for their incredible support of the library and the second recipient of the Phyllis Davis Volunteer Service Award was announced and celebrated.   

Phyllis Davis Volunteer Service Award

Introducing Ramona Crocker, the 2017 recipient of the Phyllis Davis Volunteer Service Award. Ramona has volunteered for the library for 15 years, serving on the Library Advisory Board, assisting with materials movement, weeding materials, helping with the sizzler project and more. Her contributions are immense as she has contributed well over 2000 hours of service. Ramona is a reliable advocate for the library, whether it’s making challenging policy decisions or asking tough questions or coming in to volunteer 2-3 times a week. Her diligence, her sweet and kind manner, her attention to detail, her dedication, and her willingness to go above and beyond of what her duties are, are all an inspiration to both staff and fellow volunteers, and an example of what it means to be a valuable asset to the community. We were thrilled to recognize her service to the library and the community.

Photo of a woman who won an award.
quoteEarly in volunteering at Beaverton City Library, I was fortunate to be trained by Phyllis Davis in preparing new books for circulation. Her quiet, kind manner and generous sharing of her expertise for such an excellent cause were an inspiration that I've never forgotten. — Ramona Crocker, 2017 Recipient of the Phyllis Davis Volunteer Service Award

Phyllis Davis

Phyllis Davis worked or volunteered at the Beaverton City Library for 69 years. A Beaverton High School graduate, she began volunteering in Beaverton’s one-room library in 1944. Phyllis and her husband Ray reared their family just a few blocks from the Main Library on 5th Street.

When the librarian stepped down in 1953, Phyllis was hired and helped open a new library in 1958. Phyllis happily became an assistant in 1968 when Beaverton hired its first professional librarian. She retired in 1986 and almost immediately began volunteering at the library five days a week, three to five hours a day. “I couldn’t stay away,” Davis said. “I had to come back.”

Known and admired for her patience, quiet wisdom, gentle spirit, kindness and love of books, ‘Phyllis Davis’ is synonymous with the Beaverton City Library. Indeed, she contributed well over 20,000 hours in her 35 years of volunteer service at the library. Phyllis retired (again) from the library after celebrating her 94th birthday in December 2013. In honor and recognition of her passion and service to the Beaverton City Library, the Phyllis Davis Volunteer Service Award was created in 2015 and is presented to a volunteer who, through example and accomplishment, has provided outstanding volunteer service to the library. (Additional content provided by B. Schmidt, 12/16/09, The Oregonian)
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