Apps for Kids

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Preschool - Grade 2

The Human Body
by Tinybop Inc., iOS, $3.99
The body is presented realistically in an absorbing manner, with lifelike heartbeat, stomach sounds and more. There is no clutter of words as the only text is that to label body parts and is in many languages. Animated visuals let kids explore body systems, like seeing a cookie being digested.

Little Red Riding Hood
by Nosy Crow, 2013, iOS, $4.99
This is a choose-your-own adventure version of a classic. You create the story. Readers play games to help Little Red Riding Hood collect different objects as she travels through the woods. These objects determine how Little Red Riding Hood defeats the Big Bad Wolf and saves Grandma.

Trucks - Byron Barton
by Oceanhouse Media, 2012 iOS $1.99
Dump trucks, delivery trucks, cement mixers, all sorts of sizes and kinds of trucks.
Features: interactive, colorful and bold images, can slide some of the trucks about, sounds of beeping and trucks moving.
Child playing with a cell phone app.

Grade 2 - Grade 5

The Aesop for Children
by Library of Congress, 2012, iOS, Free
Find over 100 fables, some with animation, relating everyday life lessons, such as persistence and the value of wit from the Crow and the Pitcher. Younger children might need help with the vocabulary and morals. Older kids can glean something from other cultures.

The Barefoot World Atlas
by Touch Press, 2013, iOS, $4.99
Spin the globe with a swipe and learn about 100 cities around the globe by tapping the related icon. Read or listen to the facts or consider purchasing an additional extension: World Art, Great Cities, North America or Starter Atlas Puzzles. In the puzzles you can play geography games by dragging a state or nation to its appropriate spot on the map. The World Football (soccer) extension is free.

by Springbay Studio, iOS, $2.99
Building biomes in 3 unique wetlands teaches students about food webs and the way plants and animals affect one another. Badges are given as rewards in this interactive app.

Stack the Countries 
by Freecloud Design Inc. 2017 iOS, $2.99
Learning about countries has never been more fun and interactive.  Test your knowledge of landmarks and capitals around the world. As you earn more countries you unlock bonus games.

Students with ipads

Grade 5 and up

The Constitution
by Kids Discover, 2013, iOS, $3.99
While the topic might seem dry, this app will keep kids’ attention with live video, animation and question and answer cards. Check out the map of U.S. expansion or play the “Constitution Gone Crazy” mad-lib-like game where you put the highlighted words in the correct spot in the Preamble. Also useful for school use, this app briefly describes the amendments and the rift between those who see the constitution as a living document and those who see it as set in stone.

by Kids Discover, 2013, free
All about galaxies. This app has text and interactive features, film clips, animation, Q&As, definitions, pop-up text, navigation guide, visual indices, narration, and background sounds. A visually stunning and informative introductions to subject of galaxies.

Comics Head-Create Your Own Comic 
by Nextwave Multimedia 2017 iOS (ipad only), Free
Easy to use comic creator that allows you to create stories, presentations and cards with fully customizable story boards and dialogue boxes.