Borrowing eReaders and more

Pre-loaded Kindles can be checked out from Beaverton City Library

Library Items for Check Out

In addition to books and media, the library offers a variety of other items:

  • eReaders:Beaverton City Library offers several different e-Readers, including Kindles and Nooks, pre-loaded with titles, to allow borrowers to experience reading on a digital device:
  • Kill-A-Watts:Electricity usage monitors to allow borrowers to measure electricity consumption of appliances in their home:
  • Playaways:  Self-contained audio book devices, pre-loaded with selected titles. One set of earphones and one AAA battery are required for listening. Playaways do not require internet connection: Main Library
  • Book Club Kits:  Multiple copies of one book title, plus a resource guide. Intended for book groups: Main Library
  • Bike Lock with Key: Available for use at both locations while using the library. Ask for them at the Service Desk.
  • Ping Pong Kits: 4 ping pong paddles and 2 balls in a nylon bag.  Intended for use with the ping pong tables at Beaverton's City Park.