Booking Ahead: Kids Edition

Booking Ahead Kids Edition: A year's worth of reading.

Booking Ahead: Kid’s Edition is Beaverton City Library’s year-long reading challenge for kids!

What is the Booking Ahead year-long challenge?

Each month, read a book that fits the theme described for that month. Use the tip listed below the theme, or check with our friendly library staff for suggestions. 

How do I participate?

For each month you participate, fill out that month’s ticket from the Booking Ahead Kids Edition passport and turn it in at Beaverton City Library Main or the Murray Scholls branch.

Or fill out this form online

Turn in the current month’s ticket by the end of the month to be entered into the prize drawing for that month. You may turn in tickets from past months any time - ALL tickets turned in during the year will be entered into the Grand Prize drawing at the end of the year.

Who can participate?

Booking Ahead Kids Edition is open to everyone under the age of 18. You do not need to have a library card to participate… but they’re free, so we encourage you to get one! 

Scroll through to see each challenge:


CHALLENGE: Read the first book in a series.


CHALLENGE: Read a book found on a library display.


CHALLENGE: Read a book from the new book shelf.


CHALLENGE: Read a magazine article.


CHALLENGE: Read a book that is on the ORCA voting list, or read a Caldecott winning picture book. 

Spring Break Challenge

CHALLENGE: Read a book that has an animal as the main character.


CHALLENGE: Read a book someone else recommended!


CHALLENGE: Listen to an audiobook or have someone read a book to you!

Summer Challenge

CHALLENGE: Read a book of your choice and mark down the time you spent reading it on your summer reading log.


CHALLENGE: Read a book you found in a library booklist.


CHALLENGE: Read a book set at the beach.


CHALLENGE: Read a book based on fairy tale characters or characters from Mythology.


CHALLENGE: Read a book based on a true story.


CHALLENGE: Read a non-fiction book on the topic of your choice.  Try a non-fiction graphic novel!