How-To Fest

Adult learning and taking notes

image of bees and honeycomb

Image of a compass and a map

Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2, 1-3 PM

Learn something new at our How-To Fest for all ages! Drop in for one session or stay all afternoon. Join us for live sessions on Zoom each afternoon and check out how-to videos dropping on YouTube all weekend long.


Saturday, August 1:

1:00 Play the Ukulele Bring your tuned ukulele and learn basic chords and strumming techniques of this happy little stringed instrument.  Zoom Meeting ID: 81938188247

1:00 Make 3D Pop-Up Cards BCL’s Bethany will show you how to make cards with a pop-up surprise inside! Find out how to use basic art supplies to create fun cards for friends and family. If you want to follow along at home, have at least three pieces of paper (cardstock is best), scissors, a pencil, and a glue stick handy. Zoom Meeting ID: 88085935311 

1:30 Navigate with a Compass Learn to identify the basic parts of a compass and how to use your compass to orient your map. Presented by Lindsay Cumella from REI. Zoom Meeting ID: 87818870191

2:00 Basic Video Editing with OpenShot David Koesters from Open SIgnal: Portland Community Media Center will teach the basics of video editing on your home computer using the free, open-source video editing program OpenShot. Find out how to import, cut, paste, and export video with time for questions at the end as time allows. Download this free program to your Mac or PC at ahead of time to follow along or just watch the instructor. Zoom Meeting ID: 86725526228

2:30 Make a Schwenker Grill (Outdoor Swinging Grill) Join us for a live demonstration on how to make and use a traditional German outdoor cooking apparatus known as a schwenker. Inexpensive to make and easy to use, a schwenker is a great device for direct, high heat cooking, whether you are camping or hanging out around any communal fire. More than just a way to cook, using a schwenker is a social event centered around the grill. Zoom Meeting ID: 82663650362

2:30 Get Started with Genealogy Research This presentation will give the basics for how to get started - and keep moving forward. Presented by The Genealogical Society of Washington County Oregon. Presentation handout. Zoom Meeting ID: 86380035578

Sunday, August 2:

1:00 Make Anti-Inflammatory Golden Sauerkraut Heidi Nestler of Wanpaku Natto will demonstrate how to make a delicious anti-inflammatory version of sauerkraut with ginger, garlic and turmeric. Zoom Meeting ID: 86849054142

1:30 Gamify Your Group Runs Join this session to learn about developing theme runs and how to turn group runs into games that engage your participants. Zoom Meeting ID: 89516576591

2:00 Get Started with Beekeeping Join Mandy from Portland Urban Beekeepers to learn how to get started with keeping backyard bees. Mandy and her bees will be joining us from their backyard where they will show you what the buzz is all about! Zoom Meeting ID: 83344410489

2:30 Kitchen Science Experiments Join this family-friendly science session to watch and learn about science experiments that your family can recreate at home. Suggested for families with kids ages 3-12. Zoom Meeting ID: 87190716816

How-To videos include:

  • Use a 3D printer
  • Make fresh spring rolls
  • Make a worm bin for composting
  • Get started with creative writing