How-To Fest

Adult learning and taking notes

image of bees and honeycomb

Image of a compass and a map

Saturday, August 1 & Sunday, August 2, 1-3 PM

Learn something new at our How-To Fest for all ages! Drop in for one session or stay all afternoon. Join us for live sessions on Zoom each afternoon and check out how-to videos dropping on YouTube all weekend long.


A full schedule will be posted in early July and links for each session will be posted one week in advance.

Saturday, August 1:

1:30 Navigate with a Compass with Lindsay Cumella

1:45 Make a Schwenker Grill with Blaine Ross

2:30 Get Started with Geneaology Research with GSWCO

Sunday, August 2:

1:00 Make Anti-Inflammatory Golden Sauerkraut with Heidi Nestler of Wanpaku Natto

1:30 Gamify Your Group Runs

2:00 Get Started with Beekeeping with Mandy Shaw of Portland Urban Beekeepers

How-To videos include:

  • Use a 3D printer
  • Make fresh spring rolls
  • Make a worm bin for composting
  • Get started with creative writing