One Book, One Beaverton 2019

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What if all of Beaverton read the same book?

The title for One Book, One Beaverton 2019 was The Wanderers, a novel by Meg Howrey. 

In four years, aerospace giant Prime Space will put the first humans on Mars. Helen Kane, Yoshihiro Tanaka, and Sergei Kuznetsov must prove they’re the crew for the historic voyage by spending seventeen months in the most realistic simulation ever created. Constantly observed by Prime Space’s team of "Obbers," Helen, Yoshi, and Sergei must appear ever in control. But as their surreal pantomime progresses, each soon realizes that the complications of inner space are no less fraught than those of outer space. The borders between what is real and unreal begin to blur, and each astronaut is forced to confront demons past and present, even as they struggle to navigate their increasingly claustrophobic quarters—and each other.

Astonishingly imaginative, tenderly comedic, and unerringly wise, The Wanderers explores the differences between those who go and those who stay, telling a story about the desire behind all exploration: the longing for discovery and the great search to understand the human heart.


SAT FEB 2, 7-9 PM (Doors at 6:30)

An Evening with Author Meg Howrey
Join us for the culminating event of our first-ever One Book, One Beaverton. Spend an evening with Meg Howrey, author of The Wanderers, and hear about her inspiration for the book and stories from her time researching space and the lives of astronauts to prepare for the process of writing the novel.

Everyone is welcome to join us after the talk to get their books signed by the author and enjoy some light refreshments.
Author Meg Howrey photo by David Zaugh

TUE JAN 8 | 6:30-7:30 PM

How to Pee, Poop & Barf in Space, with Dr. Jan Dabrowski

Learn how astronauts live in space! Astronauts can stay in space for months at a time, orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station. If you think of space travel as a very, very long road trip, you can imagine what a challenge it can be to take care of life’s necessities in a zero-gravity environment. In this fascinating talk, Dr. Dabrowski will explore the deeper (and more human) meaning of “going” where no one has gone before.

THU JAN 10 | 7-8:30 PM

Story Slam: Space Edition

Everything involves space, whether it is inner, outer, or the space between… The Beaverton City Library Story Slam is a friendly, open-mic storytelling forum. Potential storytellers will put their names in a hat; names will be picked from the hat and those chosen will take to the stage to tell their true, personal, 5- to 8-minute story. Come put your name in the hat to tell a story or come just to enjoy the show as a spectator! Stories must be told from memory and should have a personal connection. The winner receives a $10 gift certificate to The Book Corner. Recommended for ages 13 and up. Potential storytellers should arrive 15 minutes early to speak with the event host about their planned story.

MON JAN 14 | 6-7:30 PM

Community Crafting for Adults: Space-themed Origami with Yuki Martin*

Did you know that the concept of origami has been used by astronauts in space to create solar arrays that generate power for the International Space Station? These origami-inspired solar arrays are compactly folded at the time of launch, and then expanded to cover a large area once in space. Origami artist Yuki Martin will demonstrate a variety of collapsible folding methods used in space and teach participants to fold using one of these methods. She will also teach fun space-inspired origami, like an alien and a star.

WED JAN 23 | 6-7:30 PM

The Science and Art of Flight Mission Simulation, with Mary K. Kaiser, Ph.D.

Since the beginning of human-powered flight, engineers have sought to recreate flight missions in safe environments for training, practice, and research. In this talk, Dr. Kaiser will provide a historical overview of human-in-the-loop simulations, culminating in full-mission simulation capabilities similar to those described in The Wanderers.

SAT JAN 26 | 2-5 PM

Space-themed Board Gaming

Come conquer the final frontier… board game style! We will have Mars/space-themed games available for open play, courtesy of Game House Cafe. Bring your kids, bring your neighbors, bring grandma and grandpa - all ages welcome!

TUE JAN 29 | 6 PM

Film Showing: Gravity

See the Academy-Award winning film on the big screen! Two astronauts find themselves stranded in space after a disastrous accident destroys their shuttle and wipes out the rest of their crew. Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. PG-13, 91 min.


Join us for one of three book discussions of The Wanderers facilitated by library staff.
THURS JAN 3 | 10-11:45 AM
The Book Club at Murray Scholls (at the Murray Scholls branch, 11200 SW Murray Scholls Pl., Suite 102)
TUE JAN 22 | 6:30-7:45 PM
Recommended Reads Book Group at Main*
MON JAN 28 | 6:30-7:45 PM
Bonus Book Discussion at Main*

*Registration required. To register, visit
or call 503-644-2197, option 2. Registration begins one month before the program.

Further Reading Recommended by Author Meg Howrey

The library would like to thank the New Friends of the Beaverton City Library for their support of the One Book, One Beaverton program.

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