Capturing History - Students Write About COVID

*Thanks to everyone who submitted! The writing can be read here. The submissions have also been printed as a booklet, which will be added to the library's Local History collection.*

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These works were submitted to the “Collecting History” Girl Scout Gold Award project held at the Beaverton City Library between April and June of 2021. Pieces of literature written by students aged 11 to 18 in Oregon about their unique experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic were collected over the three months. The goal of the project is to shed light on the often-overlooked struggles of teens and make the demographic’s challenges more apparent to the community. By doing so, the perspective of teenagers during this difficult time is preserved for the future. The project was organized by local 10th grade Girl Scout Riley Kessler, in partnership with Ian Duncanson, one of the Beaverton City Library’s Community Engagement librarians. It served as Kessler’s Gold Award project, which is the highest honor possible to achieve in all of Girl Scouting. 

All grade levels, schools, and names are accurate as of August 2021 and correspond with the 2020-2021 school year.