Anti-Racism Action Committee

Beaverton City Library's Anti-Racism Action Committee (ARAC) is a staff committee that formed in November 2020. The goals of the committee for fiscal year 2023-2024 are:

  1. Self-reflection Nurture a space for self-reflection and growth by engaging library staff with equity-focused content via our Talk Story sessions. Additionally, ARAC will create space and time to self-reflect as a committee by participating in ARAC member Talk Story sessions.
  2. Policies Review library policies with our Equity Everyday card to advocate for equitable changes and updates.
  3. ARAC Leadership Transition Develop a strategic process for ARAC members to cycle in and out of ARAC leadership.

ARAC Initiatives

Policy Review

ARAC reviewed and updated the following policies with an equity lens:

Talk Story

ARAC offers facilitated conversations about race to all library employees in small groups on a voluntary basis. These conversations on race challenge the white racial equilibrium, help further individuals' personal DEI journey or DEI work at the library, and offer self-reflection on anti-racist action.