Does the Library accept Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers?

Unfortunately, the Library is unable to accept court ordered volunteers. The volunteer program at the Library is looking for people who want to make a minimum commitment of three months and volunteer two or more hours per week. Most court mandated volunteering does not fit into this structure. However, the City of Beaverton Public Works team has a program for court ordered community service. For information about their Community Service program, call 503-526-2220.

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1. What time commitment is expected of me as a volunteer?
2. What if I only want to volunteer for a couple of weeks?
3. Do I have to have a set schedule?
4. How old do I need to be before I can volunteer?
5. Does the Library accept Court Ordered Community Service Volunteers?
6. I need to complete Service Learning and/or Community Service for my school. Can I volunteer at the library to complete those hours?
7. Can my group do a project with the library?
8. How do I get training?
9. Once I become a volunteer, may I use the Library as a reference?
10. I’m interested in volunteer evenings or weekends. Is that needed?
11. I need to complete a practicum for my community college, college or graduate program. Does the library offer these opportunities?
12. How do I get started?
13. Other questions?