Can I come into the library?

Not yet, we are making plans to welcome patrons back into the library in a limited fashion as soon it is safe. In the meantime, check out the virtual events we’re offering

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1. Can I just drop in to pick up my holds? I can’t find a convenient appointment time.
2. Can I come into the library?
3. Can I get help with a question?
4. Do I need to wear a mask when picking up my holds?
5. Can I return items?
6. Can I pick up my Interlibrary Loans at BCL to Go?
7. Can I pay a fine?
8. What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?
9. What if I missed my appointment?
10. What if I drive up and there’s no parking on Hall?
11. Can I place new holds through the catalog?
12. How do I know if I have holds ready for pick up?
13. What if I no longer want something I placed on hold?
14. What if I’m looking for books on a specific subject, but don’t have specific titles in mind?