What are Book Bundles?

If you want to replenish reading materials for your household, book bundles are for you. They consist of 4-10 books geared towards a specific reading level/interest. 

Current Book Bundles available: 

For kids:

  • Board Books (5 books)
  • Picture Books (5 books) 
  • Early Readers Beginning, for kids just starting to read on their own (5 books)
  • Early Readers Older, for kids who are almost ready for chapter books (5 books)
  • J Series books (10 books) selections from our paperback series collection readers just starting to enjoy chapter books.
  • J Fiction, Grades 3-6 (5 books)
  • Graphic Novels Younger, Grade 2 and under (5 books)
  • Graphic Novels Older, Grade 3-6 (5 books)
  • STEM Preschool (5 books) Picture books from our STEM Favorites section including fiction and non-fiction selections
  • J Non Fiction, Grades K-2 (10 books)
  • J Non Fiction, Grades 3-6 (10 books)
  • Spanish Chapter Books (5 books) 
  • Spanish Board Books (5 books)
  • Spanish Picture Books (5 books)
  • J DVDs for kids (5 DVDs)

For Teens/Adults:

  • Classics Old & New DVDs (4 DVDs)
  • Family Films DVDs (4 DVDs) – PG 13 and under
  • Fantasy / Science Fiction (4 books) includes 2 Fantasy and 2 Science Fiction
  • General / Literary Fiction (4 books)
  • Historical Fiction (4 books)
  • Large Print (4 books) – includes 1 nonfiction
  • Mystery / Thriller (4 books)
  • Romance / Women’s Fiction (4 books) - Women’s Fiction refers to novels written by women that focus on the emotional lives and relationships of female characters.
  • Spanish (4 books) – includes 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction
  • Teen Fiction: Middle School (4 books)
  • Teen Fiction: High School (4 books)

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