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Graphic that reads "Booking Ahead: A year's worth of reading themes."

Booking Ahead is Beaverton City Library’s year-long reading program!

Each month, read or listen to a book that fits the monthly theme. Submit an entry for every month you complete to be entered into monthly prize drawings. All entries will also be included in a Grand Prize drawing at the end of the year.

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January: Read The Final Revival of Opal & Nev by Dawnie Walton, our One Book, One Beaverton 2023 selection.

Tip: Join us for related events during the month of January and the author event on Feb. 4. Learn more.

February: Read a thriller or mystery by a Black author. 

Tip: Check out this list created by Marin County Library: Cozies, Sleuths and Detectives: Black Authored Mysteries

March: Read a novel with a female protagonist over the age of 50. 

Tip: Read the Book Riot article 50 Must-Read Fiction Books Featuring Older Women for some fantastic ideas.

April: Celebrate National Library Week! Read a book about books. It could be set in a library / bookstore / publishing house, have an author / librarian / editor as the main character, or feature a main character who loves to read. 

Tip: Search online for "Books about books" to get some great ideas.

May: Read a book set in the Pacific Northwest. 

Tip: Read the Powell's Books article Required Reading: 40 Books Set in the Pacific Northwest to explore some possible titles.

June: Read a book chosen by a celebrity book club.

Tip: Some of the top celebrity book clubs are Reese's Book Club, the Today Show's Read With Jenna Book Club, Oprah's Book Club, Good Morning America Book Club, and Emma Watson's Our Shared Shelf.

Don't forget - Adult Summer Reading starts June 1!

July: Read a book that has a cover you don't like.

Tip: This theme is a great excuse to browse through our library stacks to find just the right book with just the wrong cover.

August: Read a novella (a work of fiction of intermediate length between a short story and a novel). 

Tip: Consult the Book Riot article 100 Must-Read Novellas for ideas for this month's theme.

September: Read a memoir by a Latinx author.

Tip: Pima County Public Library curated an incredible list of memoirs by Latinx authors.

October: Read a book that celebrates queer identity (fiction or non-fiction).

Tip: Choose a romance, a biography, a thriller, or a fantasy novel - there are many books that center queer narratives. Ask a library staff person for help with ideas.

November: Listen to a non-fiction audiobook. 

Tip: Browse the non-fiction audiobooks on the library shelves, or find a downloadable audiobook using Libby on your device.

December: Read a book that has won an award.

Tip: For some ideas, search online for past winners of the National Book Award, Pulitzer Prize, Oregon Book Award, or Man Booker Prize.

Scroll through to see each month's theme for Kids Booking Ahead

January: Read a book about weather.

Tip: Look in the juvenile non-fiction weather section.

February: Read a book by a Black author.

Tip: Do a BiblioCommons list search for Black children's authors or ask a librarian.

March: Read a book that you found on a display.

Tip: Books are displayed all around the library.

Spring Break: Read a book about a favorite hobby or interest.

April: Ask a friend what their favorite book is, and then read it.

May: Read a book with trivia, then tell someone a fact you learned.

June: Read a book that is set in the past.  

Tip: Historical fiction is a term you can search.

Summer Reading: Read a book, then draw a picture of your favorite character.

Tip: Write the book title and character name.

July: Read a book with siblings in it.

August: Read a cookbook and make a snack or meal you saw in the book.

Tip: Find cookbooks in the 641s.

September: Read a book set in a school.

October: Read a scary book, or a silly book.

November: Read a book by or about Indigenous or Native Americans.

Tip: Do a keyword search for "Native American" and limit to juvenile books.

December: Read a fantasy book.

Tip: Do a keyword search for "fantasy" and limit by audience.

Winter Reading: Read any book you'd like!