Programming Information

Mission and Goals

Programs provided by the Beaverton City Library align with the following goals:

  • Learn: Offer opportunities to share knowledge and/or spark curiosity.
  • Discover: Actively encourage participants to connect and engage with one another, local partners, and/or the community.
  • Explore: Motivate participants to explore meaningful or innovative projects or experiences and/or celebrate and reflect the diversity of our community.
  • Grow: Designed to encourage growth and change, at a personal or community level.

Statement of inclusion: Community members in Beaverton will feel welcome at library programs regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, mental or physical-ability, sexual orientation, gender identity or socio-economic status.

Read the Beaverton City Library Programming Policy.

If you have a program that you are interested in presenting at the Beaverton City Library, please review the priorities and information below. Fill out the program proposal form and a library staff member will contact you if your program is selected. The library will select programs based on how well they fit into our mission and current programming goals, if there is budget available, and if there is room in our programming schedule.

In addition, the Beaverton City Library expects program presenters/performers to follow current copyright law in regards to the use of music and/or other copyrighted materials.

Please be advised: Because of the volume of program proposals received, the Beaverton City Library is not able to respond to each proposal submitted. If your program is selected, a staff member will be in touch with you.


The Beaverton City Library publicizes library-sponsored programs on the Beaverton City Library website and the Washington County Cooperative Library Services website, as well in flyers, news releases, social media sites, and other outlets. If your program is selected, your library staff member liaison will get in touch with you about graphics, logos, text, and other elements that will be helpful in publicizing the program.

Payment for Programs:

Generally, program presenters and performers are paid by check on the date of the scheduled program at the library. In order for this to happen, the library must receive your W-9 form and signed invoice for your program at least 3 weeks before the scheduled date of the program. In many cases, the library will create a Performance Confirmation as well, in addition to any contract that you may normally use.

Planning & Logistics

Your library staff liaison will contact you via the preferred contact information you provided on your proposal. In addition to confirming any contract details, technical requirements and/or supply needs for your program, your library staff liaison can also provide you with information about arriving to the library, parking, unloading/loading your equipment, and where in the building the program will be held.

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